LGBTI Carer Facts

LGBTI people are all different and there are many ‘LGBTI communities’. LGBTI people come from a range of backgrounds, faiths, occupations, locations, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and ‘family’ types. Many groups identify under the ‘rainbow umbrella’ (including people who are Queer/Questioning, Pansexual, Asexual and others).  

People in LGBTI care relationships face many of the same joys and pressures as any other carer. However, they may also experience specific challenges related to invisibility, discrimination and exclusion. A lack of recognition of a person's experience, sexuality, gender identity or care relationship can add particular stress to carers in an already challenging role. 

Many LGBTI communities have a strong tradition of caring for one another, but carers may still be isolated from others in their communities by distance, social isolation, financial disadvantage, stigma and/or demands related to their role. 

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