Research services

For external researchers seeking support for their projects from Carers Victoria.

Research services

For external researchers seeking support for their projects from Carers Victoria.

Carers Victoria is regularly approached by postgraduate and undergraduate students, academic researchers, services and government departments for assistance in recruiting carers appropriate to their topic and target group.

Carers Victoria is committed to carers’ voice being heard as per the following principles:

  • Carers Victoria is supportive of research on carer issues in the interests of increasing understanding of the breadth of carer experiences, and in promoting best practice and policy responses to their needs.
  • Carers Victoria is committed to empowering carers as active participants in the planning, evaluation and quality assurance activities of services, which they, and the person they support, use or require.
  • Carers Victoria encourages participation and recruitment of a diversity of carers, to ensure that the needs and views of different groups of carers are explored. In particular inclusion of CALD, LGBTIQ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island carers will be encouraged. Research data collection needs to reflect diversity of gender and sexuality wherever possible.  
  • Caring is a personal and often stressful experience for carers, such that Carers Victoria must ensure that any request made does not place an added burden on carers. In particular, protection is needed regarding: privacy of carers’ identifying information; carer choice in participation; carers being fully informed of what participation will involve; complaint and debriefing options if carers are distressed by the activity.
  • Carers’ expertise is a valuable resource that should not be exploited. Carers Victoria must ensure that the quality and potential value of the proposed project/consultation outcomes is sound.
  • Carers Victoria expects that the contribution carers make is acknowledged through reimbursing travel and/or respite expenses and provision of a small honorarium e.g. gift voucher.
  • In line with the Health Issues Centre (HIC) guidelines regarding consumer participation, we suggest carers are acknowledged for their time and the value of their contribution by offering some or all of the following for focus groups and consultations: light refreshments, gift vouchers. 

Information sheet for external research partners

Before Carers Victoria supports a project, we recommend that researchers read our Information sheet for external research partners, which provides guidance on how external researchers or research institutes can work with Carers Victoria as part of their research projects.

Carers Victoria welcomes opportunities for collaboration and promotion of carer-related research. However, we carefully assess advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks of the project – to potential research participants who are carers, to Carers Victoria and the Carer Associations – before deciding on whether to support the project and the extent of involvement. Carers Victoria in particular wishes to support projects that explore new issues relating to carers and that add new information to the evidence base.

Please read the information sheet below. 

Carer participation request form

Once researchers are confident that their project is appropriate for support from Carers Victoria, then they are directed to complete the Carer participation request form, so that we can ensure that the above principles are adhered to when recruiting carers for research.

Please contact to request the form in order to complete and submit it along with any additional material, such as flyers, brochures and other marketing material, and ethical approval documents.