Help and support

Find out more about the services that are available to support young carers in Victoria.

Help and support

Find out more about the services that are available to support young carers in Victoria.

Young carer resources and support


Supporting Families, Supporting Young Carers 
A booklet for parents of young carers from Carers Australia 
Are you a young carer?
An information flyer from the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

We Care
ebook online

When your parent has a mental illness
For youth aged 12 to 15 years with a parent who experiences mental illness. This guide has been produced by the Australian Infant, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Association Ltd for the COPMI (Children of Parents with a Mental Illness) national initiative

Young carers website resources – Carers Australia has a useful website for young carers with resources like relaxation podcasts and publications. 

Carer Advisory Line

Call 1800 242 636* (weekdays 8.30am to 5pm) to talk to a Carers Victoria advisor about some common experiences for young carers and, what supports are available for them.

The advisory line can help arrange free counselling, find someone to talk to about problems you may have, and get help and support.

The service can also offer suggestions on how your school can support and assist you.

*free call from local phones, mobile calls at mobile rates

There are also a number of events and a Young Carer Festival held each year.  Contact the advisory line to find out how you can take part. 


The carer counselling program provides carer specific counselling around the impact and experience of being a young carer. Up to six sessions with a counsellor in your local area or telephone counselling can be arranged.  Many people find it helpful to have someone to talk to about any issues or challenges they may be facing.

Find out more about our counselling services

Young Carer Scholarships

Carers Victoria's Young Carer Scholarship program gives young carers attending secondary school the opportunity to be acknowledged for their contributions to their family and the community and to participate in school or community based activities that enhance their skills, educational achievement and abilities, or that help them to participate more fully in their community.

Find out more about the Young Carer Scholarship program


Respite provides temporary relief for carers e.g. time away from the caring situation, personal care for the person being cared for, fun activities, group outings, individual support, camps and holiday programs.

Why is respite important?

Respite helps make time for fun activities that young carers can often miss out on. It can also be an opportunity to connect with other young carers and to get help with school. Respite helps young carers get some time out for themselves - to look after their own health and well-being , to manage juggling their caring role with their education, friendships and other parts of their life. Respite also gives the person being cared for a chance to do some enjoyable activities.

Call the Commonwealth Respite Centre on 1800 052 222* to talk to a worker in your region about how respite could best support a young carer.

*free call from local phones, mobile calls at mobile rates.

Young carer information and referral service

Young carers are too often a hidden group of young people, our aim is to support young carers by identifying each young carer's needs and referring them to appropriate support services. We support those in the community who work with young people to ensure young carers continue to be identified and are well supported in their caring role.

A primary focus is to help young carers remain in education, there are various programs designed to achieve this goal and the government provides support for young carers to stay in higher education through their national Young Carer Bursary Programme.

Carers Victoria is committed to raising awareness of young carers in the community and to supporting schools and services to better provide for their needs. Carers Victoria aims to reach all young carers across the state, in their various caring situations, whether it is a young person caring for a parent, sibling or other family member with a mental illness, disability or chronic health condition, or who is elderly. We aim to reach and lend support to young carers of CALD background, who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, or those living in more regional or remote locations. 

The Young Carer Statewide Program Coordinator liaises with various sectors and service providers across the state to better equip them to identify and cater for young carers' needs.

Carers Victoria coordinates a Young Carer Service Provider Network (YCSPN) consisting of people who work with young carers (including social workers, youth workers, school counsellors, wellbeing workers, mental health workers and disability support workers). This network has over 75 members from 46 different organisations across the state and serves to keep members informed of services and supports for young carers in Victoria.

There are many activities and programs running across the state and most young carers express that they find it meaningful to be a part of something, appreciate having their extra responsibilities acknowledged, and find it helpful/reassuring to know they are not alone in their caring situation.

If you are interested to be added to the email list for this network please contact the Young Carer team at or phone 1800 242 636 for information on young carer services.

Support for young carers at school

If you're at school and need help with things like:

  • respite - taking a break
  • help at home
  • getting to sport or other activities
  • tutoring or time to study.

Call 1800 052 222 to find out how the Commonwealth Respite Centre can help.

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