National Disability Strategy launched

National Disability Strategy launched

Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers, Jan McLucas, has launched a long-term strategy for improving the lives of Australians with disability and their caring families.

The strategy is a 10-year plan which addresses issues such as healthcare, housing, transport and education.

Senator McLucas says, “The National Disability Strategy provides the framework for change. We will continue to work with people with disability, their families and carers, and the disability services sector, to deliver changes that will improve people’s lives.”

The strategy features a number of initiatives to increase opportunities for people with disability and their carers, including:

  • $5 million to support local governments to make public spaces more accessible;
  • $3 million to support leadership development for people with disability;
  • $1 million to promote liveable housing design;
  • $1 million to provide digital playback devices and improved access to digital content in public libraries;
  • $500,000 to improve cinema access for people with hearing and vision impairment;
  • $500,000 for the disability website, Ramp Up.

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Click here to download the National Disability Strategy
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