Commitment from the Victorian Government

Carers Victoria wants all political parties to address the needs of Victorian carers. Get involved to make sure carers’ voices are heard at the Victorian election.

Commitment from the Victorian Government

Carers Victoria wants all political parties to address the needs of Victorian carers. Get involved to make sure carers’ voices are heard at the Victorian election.

- State Election 2018 Carers Count Too

- State Election 2018 Commit to Delivering Graph

“Carers know what they want and need – listen to them”

- State Election Address the Gaps

Commit to Housing Solutions

The Victorian Carer Strategy includes priority actions to provide increased information to carers about their social housing options. Many carers are on low incomes and can experience housing stress if the person they care for lives separately. Permanent Housing Solutions are needed for both carers and people receiving care to have genuine choices about living together or living apart.

“Carers are expected to do a job that they are generally not qualified for, that robs them of most potential earnings over an extended period”.

54% of respondents stated their financial situation is not working well for them, and 24% said their Housing situation was not working well for them.

Enhance benefits of the Victorian Carer Card

The Victorian government has announced improved discounts on public transport for Victorian Carer Card holders. There are many other Victorian government concessions and benefits that are only available to Commonwealth government concession card holders. Many more carers would experience reduced financial stress by extending these to Victorian Carer Card holders too.

"Look at us as more than just carers, we are people too. We experience the same if not worse discrimination when it comes to financial assistance, employment prospects and community support services."

Commit to include all carers

The Victorian government has announced its intention to expand the eligibility of the Victorian Support for Carers Program to all Victorian carers, including carers of people with mental illness. Carers in all types of care relationships need access to support in their own right regardless of any supports the person(s) they care for may or may not receive.

“Continue to support families and carers of people with disability as the family is the fundamental unit of society and for a vulnerable person, it is key for a decent life”

Commit to individual advocacy

The Victorian government has announced $6 million for disability advocacy funding, but carers of people with a disability report these services do not advocate for carers needs in their own right. Carers also need funded individual advocacy supports to protect and promote their rights.

Advocacy was rated as the second most important service required by carers to improve the situation for people in care relationships. (Carers Victoria Election 2018 Survey)

Commit to older carers

The average age of Victorian carers is 55 (Victorian Carer Strategy). Older carers need additional funded and targeted support to maintain their wellbeing, to engage in their community and to plan for future care and support needs. They may also need assistance to access formal services for people receiving care.

“I’m unable to live in the manner a normally retired person would live. We are continuously worried about whether we’ll have the money required to get our daughter the additional things she needs…”

Commit to rural and regional carers

The Victorian government has announced $4 million for carer support groups, including for carers living in regional and rural Victoria. Carers in rural and regional areas experience higher rates of disability and chronic health conditions, and lower employment rates than carers in metropolitan areas and experience greater financial hardship. Distance to or lack of adequate services in the area is a major difficulty (National Rural Health Alliance). Targeted services need to be available to address these additional needs of carers in rural and regional Victoria.

“Carers are largely forgotten about in our community. More understanding, support and funding and options for life satisfaction for those we care for would make the world of difference to carers”

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Download the flyer and use it as talking points with local MPs and candidates, as well as friends and family and your Carer Support Group.

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