Key issues for carers

Key issues for carers

The issues that are important to Victorian carers

Key issues for carers

Caring is recognised and valued

  • We want: Giving and receiving care to be seen as valued, normal and expected parts of life.
  • Caring to be a shared responsibility: between individuals, governments and communities; within families; and between men and women.
  • Professionals to work in partnership with family carers, to value their expertise and to acknowledge the support they provide.

Financial security

  • Paid work to be more compatible with caring and to make it easier for carers to move into and out of employment.
  • Adequate income support and superannuation for carers who have a limited capacity to participate in paid work.

Carers need flexible workplaces

  • All carers to have access to flexible work and carer leave.
  • Businesses to support carers in the workplace
  • Support for carer workforce participation with affordable, high quality, alternative care for people with care needs
  • Programs to help carers re-enter the workforce.

Carer support services

  • Community care services to offer a wide range of options and choices.
  • Available, Consistent, accessible, affordable, flexible, good quality services
  • No more service gaps or under-funded services Investment in stable, secure housing for people with care needs.