Carer Support Groups

Carer Support Groups

Carer Support Groups share experiences and knowledge, and gain and offer support to one another in emotional, social and practical ways.

Carer Support groups are made up of people with common needs and experiences. Members help each other in many ways:   

  • Emotional support – you may find it a relief to talk things over with people who understand the pressures of caring but are independent of the person you care for or your family  
  • Practical information, tips and resources – most support groups share information about local services and supports, medical treatments and research, or tips to help you in your caring role  
  • New friends – many carers find that the demands of caring make it difficult to keep in touch with friends and family. Regularly getting out to a support group can expand your social circles and help you feel less alone  

Carers Victoria Carer Support Group Directory

If you’re looking for a greater connection with other carers start with the Carers Victoria Carer Support Group Directory. Search for a group near you by postcode or filter your search for a group for specific types of carers or carers of people with specific needs.

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