Respite under the NDIS

Respite under the NDIS

Everyone needs a break. Every family has different needs and under the NDIS respite for carers and participants may now look different.

Caring relationships are complex, no two are alike. Space and time to be independent is important for both members of the team; the person providing care and the person receiving care.

With the choice and control offered under the NDIS participants have a greater range of providers and types of services to choose from that offer respite to carers and NDIS participants.

Carers Victoria's "Give Us A Break" Information Sheets

Department of Health and Human Services Accommodation Transfer (DHHS)

As part of the transition to NDIS the DHHS disability accommodation and respite services are transferring from government to not-for-profit providers. The transition is occurring from February 2019. The house ownership does not change but five providers will operate and manage each of the houses.

Find details of the transition 

DHHS provides details on the transfer process and fact sheets about the new providers

Long Term Accommodation

Housing Hub

Thinking longer-term about Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA), The Housing Hub is a useful resource. 

The Housing Hub works like most real estate sites where you search for available supported housing by location. All DHHS owned houses are listed when available and other providers are being encouraged to use as well.

More information

For further information about SDA homes, call VALID on 1800 655 570 and visit the

For further information about STAA previously Respite, call Carers Victoria on 1800 242 636.


Respite under the NDIS: Give Us a Break Video