LGBTIQA+ Carer Support Group

Free group for carers who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual and other diverse sexual orientations and gender identities (LGBTIQA+).

Please email or phone 9658 9190 to register.

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Meeting details

Various Times and Locations

Frequently asked questions

Who is this group for?

This program celebrates all forms of caring relationships. Carers may be friends, partners, biological family members or family of choice. You may be looking after someone living with a disability, mental health condition, chronic or terminal illness, addiction or an older person with care needs.

What activities does the group undertake throughout the year?

Various activities held in Carlton including carers Victoria workshops, yoga and meditation, pampering sessions with therapy dogs and massage and day trips around Melbourne. All sessions are catered.

Is there a cost?


Can the person I care for attend the carer support group meetings with me?


Does the location where you meet have wheelchair access?


Drummond Street Services, 100 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053