PRONIA's Greek peer - Support Group Chats

“PRONIA’s weekly telephone group chats will commence on Friday 28 August and will be running every Friday from 11.30am – 12.30pm.

Rena Fragioudaki & Adonis Maglis will be facilitating these telephone group discussions.

These telephone group chats are about general wellbeing, communication, and engagement during COVID time when we are unable to have our face-to-face groups that used to run from Clayton and Brunswick.

The Greek peer-support group aims to engage the most vulnerable cohorts of our community–people who do not speak English, are frail, elderly, isolated, vulnerable, and/or are not computer literate and have no supports accessing the internet.

These sessions will replace for now the face-to-face groups under the ‘CALD Social Inclusion and Community Participation program’ which aims to increase access to services and enhance social connection in Monash. Participants however do not need to be based in Monash. We encourage people from all over the State (including regional areas) to participate.

The group will be “closed“ and ‘cyclical’-i.e. participants will be participating for a month (initially Friday 28 August–Friday 25 September).

By the end of the first cycle, ‘we would endeavour to have most participants linked in some program/service that can engage with them in a culturally and linguistically relevant way.

Also, new groups may commence(on a needs-basis) for people with specific issues, e.g. Carers group, Men’s group, Women’s group, Health group, Palliative care group, Emotional support group, mental health group etc. These would be run at different days/times and may be facilitated by other staff.

At the end of each month, we hope to start a new ‘cycle‘ with new participants. This is in order to ensure that we provide this support in as many vulnerable people as possible. A maximum of10 people can participate in a group.

To participate in the telephone peer-support group discussions you will need to call PRONIA on 9388 9998 and leave your name and number. Casework will call you back to undertake a needs identification assessment screen for suitability for the group and/or referral to other programs/services that may benefit you.”

PRONIA's Greek peer - Support Group Chats


Friday 25 Sep 2020

11.30am – 12.30pm


Telephone Group Discussions



9388 9998