Carly's story...

Restrictions on visitation to aged care facilities means Carly is no longer able to visit her Grandmother, Grace*, in the nursing home. Grace has dementia and Carly is her primary carer. Not seeing Carly in person is distressing for Grace, so she calls Carly many times each day. The guilt this causes Carly is immense.

To help make up for the lack of contact, Carly has been making up small care packages for her grandmother with some of her favourite things – biscuits, some nice shower gel and soap. These are things Carly would normally take with her on her visits to the nursing home and serve to remind Grace that Carly is still thinking of her.

The nursing home has set up videoconferencing meetings to allow Carly and Grace to see each other. Seeing each other’s face is nice, but ultimately upsets Grace as she wants to see Carly in person. Carly worries about how isolated her grandmother feels without Carly there to bring her out of her room.

Being a carer is challenging and often exhausting, but Carly wouldn’t have it any other way. Reflecting on the love and care her grandmother has shown her throughout her life, Carly says, “She cared for us, now it’s her turn to be cared for.”

*Name changed for privacy