Naomi's story...

Naomi’s world has kept on turning throughout the pandemic. Thanks to the supports available to them, Naomi and her daughter Sarah have carried on their daily routines, albeit in a slightly different way.

Sarah still has paid carers come to the house to take care of her, allowing Naomi to leave the house and go to work. While Sarah is no longer able to go to her favourite local cafes with her carers and Naomi is missing catch ups with friends and family, the slower pace of life has made way for new rituals – going for walks, cooking together and spending more time together as a family.

Naomi draws her positivity from the knowledge that “we’re all in this together”. Social media reminds her of the resilience and compassion that we as humans often show when faced with adversity. Connecting with others via Facebook and Zoom has also given Naomi a social outlet, and allowed her to take part in events such as an ANZAC Day service and a step challenge run through her workplace.

Naomi’s advice to other carers is to find out what supports are available in the local area. “Services are still running so use them,” she says. “Many services are offering telehealth appointments. Google what’s available in your area.”