Ruthi's story...

For this week's #HumansOfCarersVictoria story we spoke to Carers Victoria's Community Development Officer Ruthi about how life has changed for her during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How has coronavirus changed your everyday life?

"I used to be a very social person, I would have a social engagement most days of the week! Now I only occasionally meet a friend for a walk, and see my parents as I am helping care for them."

How do you stay positive?

"I live in a sharehouse, it is both a great and a complicated time to be living with others as it requires a lot of communication around our expectations of each other so we can stay safe. We have to be careful not to end up in a whirlwind of everyone’s anxiety as there are six of us and we each have separate concerns around COVID-19. We are careful to ask if someone is ok to talk about the pandemic before starting a conversation, and we have fortnightly house meetings to voice any concerns. This allows us to spend the rest of our time being positive and supporting one another. We take it in turns to cook and shop, and we have a big garden where we grow our own veggies and often have working bees altogether. Each week we have a movie night or play board games together."

Do you have any new rituals or routines?

"I’ve started meditating every morning. I’ve found it really helped me to stay grounded and be conscious of how I am travelling each day."

How do you stay connected?

"I make a lot of phone calls! I can’t do Zoom after working at a screen all day, so I’ll go for a walk and speak to a friend on the phone."

Have you taken up any new or old hobbies?

"I spend a lot of time telling the dog how much I love him."