In-Touch Initiative

In-Touch Initiative

Creating improved connections

The In-Touch Initiative is a collaborative project between Carers Victoria and the North Western Primary Health Network (NWMPHN). Its aim is to improve carers’ social connectedness, by reducing loneliness and social isolation. The project arose through community consultations, where social connections were identified as fundamental to physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

The Initiative will consist of the following components:


Carers Victoria is working with a range of stakeholders and community members through a co-design process.  Using information from online surveys and co-design workshops, this innovative approach will draw on peoples’ experiences and carers’ needs to design a group program.

Group Program

Carers aged between 15-25 years and 40-65 years who live in the Hume and Wyndham council areas will be invited to participate in the group program. The program will focus on challenges that may be affecting an individual’s sense of belonging and any limitations that may be preventing them from making meaningful connections.

Individualised Action Plans and Follow Up Support

Through increased awareness and personal insight from the group program, carers will be supported by the In-Touch Initiative project team to develop individualised action plans to assist them in creating new connections and improve their wellbeing.

Survey Responses

Due to technical issues, some survey responses are coming through to us as “incomplete”. If you have registered your interest to participate in this project and have not heard back from us, please email the team at so we can assist you further.

For further information

Phone our In-Touch Initiative Project Team on 0448 833 352
Available Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 5.00pm

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