February 2022 'The Voice' Blog

Welcome to the Voice February

We are two months into our 30th anniversary year already and have been working hard on a number of exciting projects to make life better for carers.

Our Vaccination Assistance Program for carers and the people they care for was launched this month. Read more about this new program below.

Carers Australia have launched a Carer Wellbeing survey this month to better understand how many people are providing different forms of care across Australia, and what their needs are. The survey is online now. If you'd like to have your say, keep reading.

Finally, our featured workshop this month is Carer Support Group Facilitator Training. If you’ve recently set up a Carer Support Group, or are thinking about starting one, this is the workshop you need to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to run a successful Carer Support Group. Scroll down to register your place today.

Take care and stay COVID-safe.

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The Carers Victoria Team 



Message from the CEO

What an exciting start to the year it’s been at Carers Victoria!

This month we were pleased to launch our Vaccination Assistance Program to support carers and the people they care for to access COVID-19 vaccines. If you need assistance in accessing a vaccine, find out how we can support you below.

In previous months I’ve written about how much we value hearing from you to help inform the work we do to make carers’ lives better. This month, our colleagues at Carers Australia have launched a Carer Wellbeing Survey. Scroll down to find out how you can take part.

Asking you to take part in surveys such as the one above is an important step in helping us to develop a strong evidence-base of the needs and priorities of carers. Our focus over the past few months has been developing a strong pre-election platform to ensure that carers experiences and needs are not overlooked in the forthcoming election, and your input has helped inform this work enormously.

I look forward to sharing more about this important work with you over the coming months.

Judith Abbott


COVID-19 Update

Carers have told us that their biggest barriers to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine are misinformation and lack of access to respite and other supports that would help them get vaccinated.

Supported by the Victorian Government, Carers Victoria is pleased to deliver a statewide phone-based case management service to assist carers to access COVID-19 vaccinations.

Case management services will include:

  • Identifying and unpacking areas of concern;
  • Emotional support;
  • Providing up-to-date government information and redirection to appropriate medical supports;
  • Warm referrals;
  • Organising and funding respite;
  • Booking appointments including onsite interpreters.

To access this service, phone us on 1800 514 845.


Carers Australia Wellbeing Survey

The Carer Wellbeing Survey asks people to share their experiences – past and present – of being a carer and the support services they use, including the Australian Government Carer Gateway.

Carers are responsible for taking care of the welfare of large numbers of vulnerable Australians, providing often challenging and complex caring duties. Researchers and advocates need to know more about how to support the wellbeing of carers, ensuring they have a high quality of life while providing quality of life to the people they care for.

The national Carer Wellbeing Survey is addressing this gap; it seeks to build a comprehensive picture of the wellbeing of carers overtime, and how carers can best be supported.

The Survey is open to anyone over the age of 16 years who identifies as a carer – both currently caring or has been a carer in the past.


Find Your Local Carer Friendly Neighbourhood House

Carers Victoria and Neighbourhood Houses Victoria are working together to extend support for carers to be healthy, active and connected.

Through the Carer Friendly Neighbourhood Houses Program, Neighbourhood House staff and volunteers undertake a series of short online information modules to gain a greater insight into the varied needs of carers and how they can better support them.

Find your nearest Carer Friendly Neighbourhood House here.


Supporting Carers Locally Grants Program

The second round of the Victorian Government Supporting Carers Locally Grants Program is now running.

Through this program, grants are provided to local organisations to increase opportunities for carers to be physically and mentally healthy and socially connected to family, friends, other carers and their local community.

You can find programs in your local area from a number of organisations.

Find a program near you here


Become a Member and Make a Difference Today

Join our caring community today to help us make a difference in the lives of Victorian carers.

Membership benefits include:

  • Exclusive invitations to events including our popular Mingle events, carer workshops and programs specifically designed for carers;
  • Championing for real change through consultations, focus groups and research;
  • Staying informed with our monthly eBulletin ‘The Voice’ jam-packed with important carer issues, events and stories;
  • Free digital access to Australian Carers Guide magazine;
  • Special member offers including Hoyts Cinema deal and Club Shopper discounts;
  • Free sign up for individuals.


In the news: Helping your Child Cope with RATs

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) are a crucial part of the Government’s plan to send our children back to school in Victoria and New South Wales, but as anyone with children can tell you, this can present major challenges, particularly for children with autism.

Source Kids has published an article on their blog with some great tips provided by the good people at Amaze.

Read it here



Featured Workshop: Carer Support Group Facilitator Training

Do you want to set up a Carer Support Group? Have you recently started one?

Carer Support Group facilitator training gives you the knowledge and tools required to establish and lead a Carer Support Group. The workshop covers:

  • How to start and establish a Carer Support Group;
  • Facilitating a Carer Support Group;
  • How to work with groups.

We’ll work with you to briefly explore the key theory and knowledge you need to set up and facilitate a group, as well as provide some practical tips and advice that we’ve gained from working with carers for almost 30 years.


Program: ParKanDo

ParKanDo is now running face-to-face!

ParKanDo offers carer information, activity sessions and chair yoga for people with a disability or chronic condition, people who are ageing with care needs and their carers.

Sessions are held each Friday at the Newport Community Hub.

Register now



A Study of the Daily Life of Siblings of Children with a Disability through the COVID-19 Pandemic and Recovery in Australia

Are you a parent or carer of a child with disability who has a sibling over 10 years old?

Monash University invites you to participate in a study to better understand the experiences of siblings of children with a disability and the impact of Covid-19 and lockdowns on your family.

Participation consists of a 20-30 minute online survey

For more information, please email Helen.Bourke-Taylor@monash.edu or call 9904 4470.

Complete the survey


The Influence of Values on Caregiving for Older Adults in Rural and Urban Settings

The purpose of this project is to investigate the values associated with caregiving for family members who are older with care needs.

Carers who are currently providing some level of care for an older adult over the age of 65 or have in the past are invited to participate in an interview via Zoom that will take approximately 50 minutes of your time. The interview will take place at a time and date that is convenient to you.

For further information or to express your interest please contact Siobhan.Melvin@usq.edu.au