Carers Victoria recognise that all individuals and caring situations are unique and provide a range of services to support all carers.

LGBTIQA+ people come from a range of backgrounds, faiths, occupations, locations, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and family types. Under the rainbow umbrella there are many LGBTIQA+ communities and groups who identify as Queer/Questioning, Pansexual, Asexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Diverse, Intersex and other identities.

Carers Victoria seeks to provide support specific to individual carer needs and acknowledges that although people in LGBTIQA+ care relationships face many of the same joys and pressures as any other carer, the LGBTIQA+ community has unique needs. LGBTIQA+ people may experience specific challenges related to invisibility, discrimination and exclusion. A lack of recognition of a person's experience, sexuality, gender identity or care relationship can add stress to carers in already challenging circumstances.

Many LGBTIQA+ carers may be isolated from others in their communities by distance, social isolation, financial disadvantage, stigma and/or demands related to their role. At Carers Victoria, our aim is to provide inclusive and affirming services which value, celebrate and support LGBTIQA+ carers and carers of LGBTIQA+ people.


Carers Victoria is proud to be a Rainbow Tick accredited organisation.

This national accreditation demonstrates our commitment to safe and inclusive practices for LGBTI consumers and staff.


Supports available to LGBTIQA+ carers

Carers Victoria has a number of supports available specific to LGBTIQA+ carers needs:

  • LGBTIQA+ carer support group in collaboration with City of Melbourne and Queerspace
  • Training provided for LGBTIQA+ identifying carers in areas such as mental health, support for self-advocacy and facilitator training
  • Opportunities to make connections with other LGBTIQA+ carers through social events such as movie screenings
  • LGBTIQA+ inclusive counsellors
  • Specific resources for LGBTIQA+ carers such as infographics and flyers


Useful Resources

Services and support for LGBTIQA+ carers flyer

This flyer outlines services and supports which may be useful to LGBTIQA+ carers or those caring for someone who identifies as LGBTIQA+.

Rainbow Tick Staff FAQs Guide

Carers Victoria created this guide for staff at the beginning of the Rainbow Tick project to help staff understand key concepts from the program. Staff also used this guide as a script when explaining key concepts in LGBTIQA+ inclusion to carers. Carers Victoria hopes this guide is useful to other organisations wishing to undertake the Rainbow Tick program.