We have produced or contributed to a wide range of publications, multimedia and factsheets about our work, caring and issues related to caring.

Carers News Magazine

We produce the Carers News magazine to help you keep up to date with news and activities related to caring. A digital version is provided for all Carers Victoria members. Members have the option of subscribing to the printed edition of Carers News magazine for a small annual fee of $20.

Carers Victoria Strategic Imperatives 2018-2019

Carers Victoria’s Strategic Imperatives builds on the strengths of the past and provides a vision for a successful and sustainable future which enables us to grow our reach, diversify our service offer and maintain Carers Victoria as ‘the’ place to go for all carers for advice, information, services and supports in Victoria. To achieve our vision, our imperatives is built around three strategic priorities

Raise our Profile - Promote our organisation and build our membership base – Leverage our commitment to diversity.

Leverage our Knowledge and Resource - Review our resourcing and workflow – Consolidate our knowledge, data and evidence.

Ensure Financial Sustainability - Prepare for a winning tender submission and define robust alternative funding sources.

Policy Submissions

Caring crosses all levels of government and the many agencies that provide health and community care services. Our policy team works with many different bodies, in many different ways, to promote the needs of caring families.