Mingle Events

Mingle Events

Our Mingle Program reaches out to family carers across Victoria by hosting events specially for carers.

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Funding for Mingles 2019

We are currently searching for funding to host our Mingle events in 2019!

For further information contact Kate Topp on events@carersvictoria.org.au or 1800 242 636.

Carers Victoria’s Mingle Program 2018

Carers Victoria’s Mingle Program 2018 saw over 1,000 carers enjoy a day out at events at Melbourne Zoo, Mildura, Skyhigh, Preston, Ballarat, Dandenong, Wangaratta, Manningham, Melton and Kingston.

The Mingle Program combined entertainment, information on carer services and supports, key health and wellbeing messages for carers, the opportunity to make connections with other carers and importantly, recognition of the valuable contribution of the caring role in our community.

The theme of Mingle was Reflections. Carers were encouraged to reflect on themselves, their life, their experiences, and the lives of those around them in order to initiate positive changes in their life. In a fun and engaging way, carers learnt about their personality type and how they can use this in dealing with life. They also learnt their dessert type! Carers were also treated to a sumptuous lunch and morning tea and entertained by comedian Doug Chappel.

Carers comments included:

  • “Thank you so much for organising this fabulous event.”
  • “It was wonderful to get out for the day and connect with other carers.”
  • “Loved it – Thank you for everything.”
  • “Thank you for recognising us for the everyday things we do.”
  • “I enjoyed the supports, chats, laughter, having a good time with other carers who understand.”
  • “This really was something special and to look forward to. This got me through the past 2 months when I would otherwise have not got through. I sacrificed on alone respite to attend and I am so greatful. Thank you.”
  • “Makes you realise you are not alone.”

We hope to see you at a Mingle 2019 near you.

Thank you to Victorian State Government, City of Dandenong, City of Manningham, City of Melton, City of Kingston and Carers Victoria generous donors and supporters for enabling us to host Carers Victoria’s Mingle Program 2018.

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