Policy Submissions

Policy Submissions

Caring crosses all levels of government and the many agencies that provide health and community care services. Our policy team works with many different bodies, in many different ways, to promote the needs of caring families.

2020 Submissions

January 2020 - Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health Response to Draft Report 

This national inquiry commenced in November 2018 with the purpose of understanding the effect of mental health on people’s ability to participate in and prosper in the community and workplace, and the effects it has more generally on our economy and productivity.

Carers Victoria has been working to ensure that the Productivity Commission (the Commission) understand the needs of carers, in terms of their role as a carer, but also relating to carers’ own health and wellbeing.

In December 2019, the Commission published its Draft Report. Carers Victoria has just submitted its response.

The response focuses on carers in mental health settings, at schools, in workplaces and the financial impacts of providing informal or unpaid care. Carers Victoria recommends the Commission further considers the needs of carers from diverse communities; issues relating to psychosocial disability and the NDIS; and issues of affiliate stigma experienced by many carers, especially mental health carers.

The Commission will provide a final report to the Australian Government on 23 May 2020.

For further information and to subscribe for updates see the Commission’s website.

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2019 Policy Submissions

July 2019 - Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System – Initial Submission

Carers Victoria has chosen to focus its submission on the mental health and wellbeing of Victoria’s 736,600 unpaid family and friend carers.

One in eight Victorians is an unpaid family or friend carer. It is critical the Royal Commission recommendations include measures and resources to improve the mental health of Victorian carers.

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June 2019 - Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry regarding Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria

Carers Victoria made a submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria.

Carers needs are being represented in the regulation of the dynamic taxi, ride share and hire car industry.

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June 2019 - NDIS Thin Markets

The NDIS has used the private sector to provide services to people with a disability. Thin Markets occur where demand and supply do not deliver a good deal. Carers Victoria discussed how carers and the people they care for can be better off when they exist in a Thin Market e.g. living in isolated area.

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2018 Submissions

December 2018 - Submission National Arts and Disability Strategy Discussion Paper

Carers Victoria made a submission in response to the National Arts and Disability Strategy Discussion Paper (An initiative of the Meeting of Cultural Ministers). Carers Victoria outlined the importance of better recognition and support for families and carers in the Strategy which should fully understand the regulatory, legislative and funding changes since the previous Strategy was adopted particularly their impact on the disability sector, families and carers. Carers Victoria recommended the renewed National Arts and Disability Strategy more explicitly emphasises the diversity of carers and indeed the ways families and carers engage in the Arts, as creative and cultural professionals, through participation in recreational creative activities and as audience members.

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November 2018 - Submission Australian Building Code Board Accessible Housing Options Paper

Carers Victoria made a submission in response to the Australian Building Code Boards Accessible Housing Options Paper which requested community feedback about minimum standards of accessibility for all new residential buildings to be incorporated into the National Construction Code (NCC). Currently, residential buildings such as homes, units and townhouses built by individuals do not need to meet minimum accessibility standards. Some State and Territory Governments have committed to building public housing that meets accessibility standards but this only accounts for a small proportion of residential housing built in Australia. Carers Victoria believes accessible housing is of critical importance to people in care relationships particularly those with mobility support needs from disability, illness or advanced age. Carers Victoria recommended a minimum Liveable Housing Design Guidelines – Silver Level (with all 7 elements) be applied to all new residential housing to increase supply of accessible housing to reflect Australia’s changing population and community expectations.

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