Carer Hubs

Carer Hubs

The Local Hubs for Carers Program enables Carers Victoria to further extend our reach and support to carers around Victoria by providing opportunities for carers to connect and live healthier and more active lives.

Building on the Mildura Carers Hub Blueprint, Carers Victoria is collaborating and partnering with Neighbourhood Houses and councils to establish local community resource centres for carers in local, easily accessible spaces.

At their Local Hubs carers can:

  • Meet in welcoming and warm spaces;
  • Find information about supports and services that exist for carers;
  • Connect with other people in their local community;
  • Participate in local programs and activities;
  • Enjoy dedicated spaces for support group meetings;
  • Connect to programs and pathways specifically for carers.

For full details on the Mildura Blueprint click here

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Funded by the Victorian State Government