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Service Provider

Carers Victoria Sector Impact | Learning and Development

Working in partnership, we build the capacity of service providers to improve outcomes for carers by becoming more carer aware and to embed carer-friendly practices.

Our goal is to:

  • increase awareness of the carer experience
  • increase knowledge of services that improve outcomes for carers, their families and networks
  • support connection to carers, including ‘hidden’ carers, people that don’t identify as a carer
  • strengthen the ability of service providers to engage and support carers accessing their services

We do this by providing learning and development opportunities and individualised sector consultation services.

Professional Learning and Development

Carers Victoria offers professional learning and development that supports your service delivery to better understand the needs of carers by providing information, resources and learning opportunities.

Sector Consultation Services

Carers Victoria provides direct advice and support to your organisation around:

  • How to increase knowledge about carers in the workforce
  • Advice on carer strategies
  • Referral and advice to additional sector support
  • Advice on how to be designated a Carer Friendly Place

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