Available benefits for carers


Available benefits for carers

Below you will find a list of benefits available for carers.

Land Tax Temporary Absence Provisions

Principal place of residence exemption for land tax where the owner has lost the ability to live independently.

Qantas Carer Concession Card

Discounted airfares when a carer is required to support a person with a disability to travel.

Travel on Public Transport - Victorian Government

Concession fares give you a 50 per cent discount on travel. You may also be eligible for free travel.

Victorian Carer Card

The Victorian Carer Card recognises the significant contribution carers make to the lives of people they care for and the communities in which they live.

Victorian Government - Concessions and Benefits (Full Listing)

The Commonwealth Government issues concession cards for a range of people based on categories such as: income, age, disability or veteran status.

Victorian Government - Energy Concessions

Victorians on low incomes can receive concessions and benefits to help pay their energy bills.

Victorian Government - Municipal rates concession

Victorian home owners with eligible concession cards can claim a deduction on council rates.

Victorian Government - Recreation Benefits and Concessions

Concession cardholders can save money on a variety of recreational activities.

Victorian Government - Transport – Car Registration Concessions

Eligible concession cardholders can reduce their car registration fee by half.

Victorian Government - Water and sewerage concession

Eligible concession card holders can have 50 per cent deducted automatically from their water bill.

Victorian Government – Help with housing

Victorian Mental Health Carer Support Fund

The Mental Health Carer Support Fund aims to meet the needs of family members and friends supporting a person who is receiving services from a Victorian Area Mental Health Service.