African Drumming Session - Western Program

A FREE session by Carers Victoria

Carers Victoria Launches Free African Drumming Sessions For Carers

We invite carers living in Melbourne’s west to join our African Drumming Sessions, hosted by Kofi Drumming, providing a unique blend of drumming, percussion, rhythm, and connection with fellow carers.

Attendee Details

  • Free admission with limited spots available
  • Priority is given to carers who have not registered for another recent carer event

Registration Process

  • Registration is essential. You will receive a reminder text message prior to the event
  • The details on the meeting point will be sent via text
  • Attendees are checked against the registration list upon arrival


  • You must be a FREE Carers Victoria member, which is part of the registration process
  • For carers in the following LGAs: City of Melbourne, Maribyrnong Council, Moonee Valley Council, Brimbank Council, City of Melton, Wyndham Council, Hobson’s Bay Council
  • This program is made possible through the Additional Respite for Carers Funding

We look forward to seeing you there!


We offer these drumming sessions as part of a series. Register for one session, or all of them. Up to you!



African Drumming Session - Western Program


Thursday 20 Jun 2024

10.00am - 12.00pm


To be announced Sunshine VIC 3020


Carers Victoria

Events Team

1800 514 845