Published on 07 June 2023

Carers Victoria Supporting 'The Voice' to Parliament

The Board of Carers Victoria has recently approved the following public statement of support for the Voice, in line with its broader commitment to the process of reconciliation.

As an organisation, Carers Victoria supports a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament for First Nations peoples.

We recognise that First Nations peoples have an enduring connection to land, waters, and community throughout Australia and that sovereignty was never ceded.

We also acknowledge and celebrate the critical role that carers play in First Nations communities and the remarkable contributions they make across our country.

Carers Victoria understands the importance of formally recognising the First Nations peoples of Australia and providing a means for them to inform decisions that impact their lives. The proposed changes to the Australian Constitution would enable both.

Creating a Voice to Parliament is an important step for First Nations peoples on the long road to full recognition. Carers Victoria proudly walks alongside both First Nations carers and all other members of their communities on this path.

The Board of Carers Victoria notes that this represents an organisational view and encourages each and every carer to inform themselves about the issues and reach their own views. A government website has been established to supply information that may be of assistance, which can be accessed at