Published on 20 January 2020

MEDIA RELEASE: Tune Review on the delivery of the NDIS sets clear directions for reform

Carers Australia welcomes yesterday’s release of the independent review conducted by David Tune into NDIS practices and procedures.

“While many of the problems and proposed solutions canvassed in the report have been well-known for some time, this document provides clear directions for what is needed to address many issues in the delivery of the NDIS and to fulfil its original promise,” said Mary Reid, Interim CEO of Carers Australia.

“We hope that, like the Aged Care Legislated Review led by David Tune in 2017, the Government will regard this document as a clear, structured and timely plan of action.”

In addition to recommendations to streamline processes, clarify language and provide participants and those who care for them greater plan flexibility, Carers Australia is particularly pleased that long-standing issues with family-centred approaches to providing supports have been addressed. Among other recommendations, this involves clarity that supports and services designed to strengthen family resilience and cohesion are legitimate additions to NDIS participants’ plans.

“In the past, requests to include more paid care to enable family carers to have quality time with other members of their families have been rejected on the grounds that they are not seen as directly related to the individual goals and aspirations of the person with disability,” said Ms Reid.

“Very importantly, the need to provide respite to allow family members to take a decent, clean break from the intensive and often unremitting provision of care has also been recognised, and it is recommended that the NDIS rules be amended to make this clear.

“While there have been steps to make the NDIS more responsive to family and friend carer needs in the past, this Review has made it crystal clear that strengthening family support is integral to the NDIS.”