'The Voice' Blog September 2023

Welcome to the September Edition of The Voice

As we step into the September edition of The Voice, we are excited to share a lineup of events and insights that will make next month special. October marks the annual National Carers Week, a time to honour and acknowledge the incredible dedication of caregivers across the nation.

National Carers Week shines a light on carers’ vital roles and celebrates the invaluable contributions they make to the lives of those they care for.

At Carers Victoria, we believe that every story deserves to be heard, and every caregiver deserves recognition. National Carers Week provides a unique opportunity to not only appreciate caregivers but also to raise awareness about the challenges they face and the support they need.

As we delve into this September issue, let us embrace the spirit of unity and empowerment that defines the caregiver community. Together, let's make this National Carer Week a truly memorable and impactful occasion.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Voice



Message From The CEO

For me, this month’s edition of the Voice has a strong theme around connecting carers – something that I know is so important to so many of the carers we connect with.

It is amazing to think that National Carers Week is less than two months away, running from 15 to 21 October, and we will have a range of activities running that week – read through this edition of the Voice for more information or go to our website where we will be updating information regularly.

Importantly, this year we are moving to a cross-Victorian approach to recognising carers during the week, with all carer support groups registered with us able to access a small grant to run an event. This will provide more carers with an opportunity to participate in a funded activity over the week and make it more accessible to carers across Victoria – including those in rural and regional Victoria.

We have also recently launched the new Connecting Carers in the Community grants. Funded by the Victorian Government, this will allow a wide range of community organisations to apply for small grants for activities that foster connection between carers in local communities. There is more information in this edition of the Voice, or go to our website.

Alongside these activities, there are opportunities for carers to connect with others through our ongoing program of events, and/or to locate and connect to a local carer support group. These can provide great opportunities to connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges. Your local support network is just a click or a call away.

Carers Victoria continues to work hard to advance understanding of Victoria’s unpaid carers and improve their access to assistance – read on for more information about what’s happening!

Judith Abbott


Millions of Reasons to Care

National Carers Week 2023

The Carers Victoria’s team has been working on a suite of activities for the upcoming National Carers Week.

As part of National Carers Week (15 to 21 October), Carers Victoria will be offering a suite of grants for the 260 Victorian-based Carers Support Groups, to support them in hosting an event to celebrate the week and bring unpaid carers together for connection and conversation.

Whether it is brunch and walk, a morning tea, or an evening catch-up, Carers Support Groups have the opportunity to create an event that can bring together unpaid carers for much-needed respite and reload.

Managed by SmartyGrants, funding of up to $400 will be available per group, depending on their size and scope.

The National Carers Week Event Grant Funding Guidelines will help Carer Support Groups with their application.

For further information and to apply for a grant, visit https://carersvictoria.smartygrants.com.au/NCWEG2023 with applications closing on Sunday 10 September 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the National Carers Week Event Grants, please contact membership@carersvictoria.org.au.

Flinders Street Station will also be lit up in Carers Victoria brand colours, on the 15 and 21 October, to commemorate the first and last day of National Carers Week. If you are in the city on one of those evenings, make sure you check out the iconic Melbourne landmark and pose on the steps. Please send through images to us at marcomms@carersvictoria.org.au so we can post them on social media or pop them on your accounts with the hashtags #Carers2023 and #MillionsOfReasonsToCare

On Sunday 15 October, we will also be hosting the 2023 Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival where you can run, jog, wheel or walk your way through the city streets, to finish up at the MCG’s hallowed turf and complete the marathon with a lap of honour.

There are lots of marathon options to choose from including 3km, 5km, 10lm, 21.1km and 42.2km!

So grab a team together or go solo, every km will make a difference in supporting unpaid carers.

To register or donate, visit 2023 Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival.

To find out more about what is happening around the state for National Carers Week, visit www.carersvictoria.org.au/NationalCarersWeek.


Carers Victoria Unveils

Connecting Carers in their Community Grants Program

Carers Victoria has announced a new grants program aimed at improving local connections and support for unpaid carers in communities across Victoria.

Funded by the Victorian Government, the ‘Connecting Carers in their Community’ Grants Program presents a major opportunity for eligible organisations to apply for one-off grants of between $20,000 and $40,000.

Judith Abbott, CEO of Carers Victoria says, “The grants program is another major step forward in recognising the valuable contributions of carers and providing them with the support they need and deserve."

We want to give organisations around the state, regardless of size and location, the opportunity to access these grants so they can support carers from all walks of life, from a young carer caring for a sibling, parent or grandparent, caring for a person with a disability, mental illness/issue or addiction to a person caring for a family member or loved one with a chronic illness.

To be eligible to apply, organisations will need to be not-for-profit, have an ABN and possess public liability insurance. Applications that demonstrate innovation and the capacity to reach as many carers as possible, particularly isolated carers, are strongly welcomed.

Carers Victoria strongly encourages organisations to actively engage and partner with carers in the design, delivery, and evaluation of projects. As part of the application process, grant applicants will be required to demonstrate how they plan to involve carers throughout the project.

Applications close: 15 September 2023 at 5.00pm


Carers Connections With Multicultural Communities

Carers Victoria joined forces with African Women’s and Families Network (AWAFN) & Uganda Pearl of Africa Victoria Association (UPAVA) recently. Together we co-designed a Survey and hosted an event to understanding carer needs and experiences in African Communities. The event attracted 14 African communities i.e., Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Ethiopia, Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Merri Health and Bendigo Health represented the Carer Gateway and other Service providers included AMCS, ECCV, MiCare and African Think Tank. The service providers had stalls, provided attendees with information, and answered questions on services and resources.

The event also featured a panel discussion comprising of two carers and two managers. The two carers shared their lived and living experiences and highlighted the needs and challenges of Carers e.g., Carer stress, juggling the caring role and work, difficulties accessing NDIS services, lack of school holiday programs for children with a disability, the challenges carers face in accessing events etc. Carers Victoria provided information on services and supports available for carers.

The survey identified the four top issues for Carers in African communities as;

  1. Loneliness
  2. Culturally specific information/training/resources
  3. Lack of support
  4. Financial difficulties

The survey identified the following as what Carers Victoria or Carer Support Services could do to improve the lives of carers in order to priority;

  1. Access to Respite/Support for Carers
  2. Advocacy
  3. Provision of Culturally relevant supports and information
  4. Financial support
  5. Support to access education and training
  6. Support to navigate services and access to information.


Meeting with Parliamentary Secretary

Our CEO was pleased to meet with Iwan Walters MP, who was recently appointed the Parliamentary Secretary for Disability and Carers. He was keen to hear about what carers most need to assist them in their role, and it was a great initial conversation - and a good foundation for the future!



Live Life Foods

Due to the enormous success of the new Live Life Food partnership, Carers Victoria will be running another delicious competition in September exclusively for carers.

The winner will receive a month’s worth of mouth-watering dinners and desserts for two, delivered to their door, FREE!

Live Life Foods is not only delicious but also meets the daily nutritional requirements for Victorians over the age of 65 in accordance with Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA).

From lamb casserole with sweet potato mash and vegetables, to tuna mornay pasta with broccoli to vegetable risotto, the choices are endless.

There are loads of other beautiful dishes to choose from, so check out the options at www.livelifefoods.com.au.

As a Carers Victoria member, you can gain access to exclusive deals and discounts. It's that simple!

The winner will be drawn and notified on 2 October 2023.


Carers Victoria Partners with CareAbout to Empower Carers in Navigating Aged Care Options

Watching a parent or a loved one grow frail and struggle with everyday tasks can be a difficult and emotional experience. As unpaid carers, the responsibility of finding suitable aged care options for our loved ones adds another layer of complexity to an already challenging situation. Often, we find ourselves overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin or what the best course of action might be.

Recognising the need for support and guidance, Carers Victoria has teamed up with CareAbout, an organisation that specialises in helping families find the right aged care services for their older relatives.

CareAbout's expertise in aged care services enables them to assist families in identifying the most suitable care options for their loved ones. Whether the preference is to receive care in the comfort of their own home, enabling them to maintain their independence, or to transition to residential care, CareAbout is equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide unpaid carers through the entire process.

One of the significant government initiatives that CareAbout can assist with is the Home Care Package Program, which provides much-needed support to eligible individuals. This program is designed to offer financial assistance to seniors who require support and care to continue living safely at home. CareAbout's Home Care Calculator also allows unpaid carers to estimate the amount their loved one could receive through this program, ensuring they are aware of the available financial resources to aid in decision-making.

To make the process even more accessible, CareAbout offers a free guide to home care. This comprehensive resource addresses common questions and concerns that unpaid carers might have about home care services. It serves as a roadmap, directing unpaid carers to the right solutions for their specific situation.

To access the free guide to home care and explore the Home Care Package Program, visit www.careabout.com.au


Carer Story

Christina's Story

For Christine Stow, her carer’s story, like so many others in Victoria, is humbling, intimate and inspiring.

Mixed with those emotions are also the joy and satisfaction in supporting a loved one in need in all aspects of their wellbeing.

Christine maintains a wonderful optimism in her approach to caring for her now 22-year-old daughter, Imyjen, and what she has set out to do in sharing carer stories and hoping to make a difference.

'We found something wrong with my second daughter at three months of age when Imyjen was not meeting her milestones. She has a muscle condition which makes her muscles stiff, and she also has epilepsy.'

'At 22 years of age, she does not walk or talk and is nil by mouth so is PEG fed (via a button in her stomach). Imyjen is cheeky and a joy to be with!'

In 2014, Christine attended a book writing workshop with a friend, and this encouraged Christine to write her own carer’s story: 'Not Just Imyjen’s Mother'.

'Going to the workshop was a watershed moment for me for not only having the courage to put pen to paper and become an author on a topic that was so intimate to me but also it was the first time that I had left my daughter’s side for a whole weekend. It was such a scary thing to do, but that weekend became a catalyst in my passion for sharing my voice as a carer for the good of others.'

From there, Christine embarked on a new project, a book called Stories from the Heart – The Carers Journey.

'After I wrote 'Not Just Imyjen’s Mother', I wanted to create a book that was a compilation of other carers’ stories. I wanted other carers to experience what I have in being able to share their story, to have the credibility of a written story to share with the wider community so they have an understanding and empathy as to how it is for us,' Christine said.

'My first book was a long hard journey, there was a lot of emotional turmoil. Who would read it and what might happen if I shared my story with the world? Having been through that journey, I wanted to reduce those barriers for others. I also wanted to reduce the cost barrier.'

'I was always "going to do it'... but never got around to it. I never thought I would be able to fund it or to manage to get authors together to create a book.'

'Then, my best friend passed away. We set up a support group together 20 years ago when our children were young. We did not see each other so much these days but she was always there when we needed each other, or to check in on each other.'

'That it shook me into action is an understatement. I had always imagined that she would be a chapter in the book and now she was gone.'

'I HAD to act now. Who else might pass before I did something?'

'So, I started to talk about the concept. I spoke to publishers and got quotes. I found one that was flexible and affordable. I signed the deal.'

'Then I put it out there on my social media. I have a Facebook group of more than 1,500 carers that I set up to help explain NDIS in 2017. I posted and I started interviewing carers. I asked carers who I knew. I got a lot of support from the publisher.'

'I did not know what I wanted at that stage. What became clear to me; and I would not have gained that clarity if I did not get started, was I was looking for the journey. What I was looking for is the love that is part of caring, that sure it is hard and sure it is trying but there are good things too. For me, revelations have come with caring for Imyjen. I have said, that this is a hard journey and not one that I would choose. However, there are many things I have done that I can say I would have done if not for THIS journey in caring. Writing a book or standing in Local, State and Federal elections was never in my dreams as a corporate medical sales manager.'

'I drew up a budget to get the book, Stories from the Heart, published. I embarked on a fundraising effort to reduce the cost of the book. I ran podcasts with businesses streaming to my 9,000 followers and businesses stepped up and helped us out. I am grateful to all those businesses who contributed. They helped make it possible.'

In the end, it was not a matter of cost, it became more about who would share their story since it can be emotionally daunting. One of the main things I wanted to demonstrate is that it is possible to live a great life, to live a life with love even as a carer. And especially for those who might be 'new' carers just going through diagnosis. I want to give them hope to find a way.

'Along the way, sometimes it was hard, and I wanted to give up. But people like Julie Fisher, fellow carer and author said 'NO! This is a story that must be told so that other carers know there is a way'. That kept me going. For that, I am thankful that we are about to produce this book that will help others.

'What I would like other carers to take away is that there is a way. And not just for carers but I hope others take inspiration from our book; that we can achieve things even as tough a thing might seem if we believe it can be done.'

'I have come to the point in my caring journey where I ask: If Imyjen was normal, would I be doing this? Would I want to? What would that look like? If that's so, what support would Imyjen need to make this possible? And I set about doing that.'

Christine has several lessons that she learned creating the book:

  • You gotta do it! Don’t wait like I did until it was too late to have my friend join me.
  • It is never about the money- the money will come if you have a dream and a vision.
  • There are things I could not know until I started. I launched into the podcasts and was really scared but I did it anyway. I learned things along the way about podcasting I would not have learned if I did not do them.
  • Things are possible if you think they are. My Motto has become #FindaWay and I do
  • I am moved when I look at this book. The camaraderie that has formed as part of this book is amazing!


Carer Stories

Do You Have a Story To Tell?

You are welcome to write your story yourself or answer these questions, which we will use to write your story for you. Not all stories will be chosen for the website.

  • Topic: My carer story
  • Length: No longer than 400 words
  • Format: Type your story in an email or a Word document, or type your answers to the questions in this document
  • Need inspiration? See other stories that have been written here
  • Submission process: Please email your story to eBulletin@carersvictoria.org.au
  • What if your story is chosen? Your story will be edited and returned to you to make sure you are happy with the final version before it is published on our website.

If you have any questions, please email: eBulletin@carersvictoria.org.au 

We look forward to hearing your carer story! 


Service Provider


Did you know that one of Australia’s largest law firms provides pro bono support to Carers Victoria?

A lawyer friend of our CEO, Judith Abbott, put her in contact with MinterEllison lawyer's pro bono group and it was, (with apologies to fans of the film Casablanca) the start of a beautiful partnership.

'It’s been great to benefit from MinterEllison’s deep expertise on a pro bono basis across a range of areas in the two years we’ve been working together' Judith said. 'This has included everything from help with the lease in our new premises through to advice on new information sharing requirements related to family violence reforms, advice on contractual arrangements with corporate partners and assistance with a review of our Constitution.'

'Minters are so easy to work with, and being able to access their expert advice on a pro bono basis means more of our precious resources can go to assisting, connecting and advocating for carers.'

Anna Lyons, Senior Associate, Pro Bono, and Community Investment Manager at MinterEllison took a few minutes to talk to us about their pro bono activities, and the relationship with Carers Victoria.

'At MinterEllison, we know that our ability to achieve positive social impact is strengthened when we work alongside our community partners, including Carers Victoria' Anna said. 'Our people recognise and appreciate the invaluable contribution made by unpaid carers in our communities. It is a privilege for us to acknowledge this contribution by providing pro bono legal support to Carers Victoria.'

'Being involved in pro bono legal work is an important part of MinterEllison's culture. While we aim to bring the best of our legal and other professional skills to our pro bono clients, we also learn a great deal from our clients' expertise and experience. We deeply value the partnerships that evolve, including with Judith and her team at Carers Victoria.'

By Anna Lyons, Senior Associate, Pro Bono and Community Investment Manager, MinterEllison


News From

Carers Australia

Carers Australia has produced a new season of the podcast series called ‘The Secret Life of Carers’.

You will hear stories from everyday people reflecting on their role as a carer, the people they support, and the services they access. There is an opportunity for listeners to learn from other carers about how you can become empowered as a carer and develop skills to help your caring journey.

In the latest season, Women Who Care, each of the episodes speaks with a different women carer each with their own experience with balancing paid employment and care, hoping to better understand their unique challenges and address the caring employment gap.

Catch up on the previous seasons or tune into the latest episodes including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google podcasts and more.


RU OK? Day

This RU OK? Day, let us go the extra mile to reach out to the carers in our lives. We want to acknowledge your incredible dedication and remind you that you are not alone. Together, we can ensure that you receive the support and recognition they truly deserve.

Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery and a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. Offer to take your carer friend out for a coffee date. It's a simple way to brighten their day.

Pitching in with household chores or running errands can be a game-changer for a carer. It frees up their time and eases their stress.

A heartfelt phone call can work wonders. It's a chance for them to open up, share their thoughts, and know they have a caring friend on the other end.

If you can, step in to provide temporary care for their loved one. This gives the carer a precious break, even if it's just for a few hours.

Encourage carers to explore formal support services like support groups or counselling. These resources can provide valuable guidance and emotional support.


Advocating for genuine and meaningful recognition of carers so that they can be more effectively supported

Unpaid carers are mission critical, yet they still report a lack of meaningful recognition without which, their ability to sustain their caring role may be compromised. Carers Victoria recently put in a submission to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Inquiry to the Carer Recognition Act. Like our interstate colleagues, we are keen to move from symbolic recognition to genuine and meaningful inclusion and better engagement of carers’ lived experience in policy, program and service design.

We think there are opportunities to:

  • Change the language used by the Government to reflect the diversity of care relationships,
  • Strengthen accountability and reporting requirements so we can measure what the Government is doing to include carers over time,
  • Ensure the Australian Public Service is a leader in the flexible employment of unpaid carers, and
  • Explore the benefits of a rights-based Act in the future.

We also made a submission to the NDIS Review. Thank you to all the carers who completed our survey in June this year! We shared carer perspectives on the current Scheme and expressed our view that the NDIS Review Panel could enhance current arrangements by:

  • Simplifying assessment and planning processes to reduce the time and resources required of carers,
  • Ensuring carers are regularly assessed, and
  • Ensuring that carer can access the support they need to sustain them in their role.

Carers Victoria again highlighted the importance of better engagement of carers’ lived experience in the NDIS without compromising individual participant choice and control. You can read our submissions on our Policy Statements page on our website.


Become a Member and Stay Connected

Become a member of Carers Victoria and join our community to help us make a difference in the lives of Victorian carers.

Membership is free and open to carers, former carers, supporters and Carer Support Groups.

Membership benefits include:

  • Exclusive invitations to events including our popular Mingle events, carer workshops and programs.

  • Championing for real change through consultations, focus groups and research.

  • Staying informed with our monthly eBulletin The Voice, jam-packed with important carer issues, events and stories.

  • Free digital access to the magazine Australian Carers Guide.

  • Special member offers, including Hoyts movie tickets.



From fine tuning your LinkedIn profile in an online seminar, and a self-care workshop in Yarraville to carers walking and brunch groups, there are a suite of informative, engaging, and entertaining carer events for you to sign up for and join.

To find out more and register for the events, view the calendars below.


Writing with Purpose Program

I feel like I might be able to write again… It has been awesome’. Says a participant from Carers Victoria’s Writing with Purpose program 2023.

August has been an exciting month for twenty-one carers across the state who participated in this program. Over the three weeks, we explored techniques to get started, different types of writing styles and purposes as well as strategies to fit writing into a busy schedule. We led practice sessions where participants wrote and shared short pieces with one another. We also heard from guest speakers who discussed the impact of writing your story and being published and opportunities for carers' stories to strengthen advocacy efforts to change the social and structural barriers that hold carers back.

When asked to describe what was the most significant change resulting from their experience in the program, one carer described how, although she had been writing reports for all her career, participating in the Writing with Purpose Program strengthened her… ‘confidence to write about my own experiences of being a carer.’ Another described the program as ‘a healing experience highlighting the connection, the validation of our unpaid work and the safe space to write my story for myself and my family’. While another highlighted that she…‘enjoyed being in this space with other carers and hearing their stories’.

Participants also described how participating in the program helped them identify how writing stories could be a tool to reduce carers' isolation. A participant described the most significant change for her as …‘finding a community of like-minded people who have a story similar to mine, and a willingness to share. It makes me feel less alone’, another participant highlighted how‘… I have realised that I can write, that I have something to say and that sharing some of my experience may be beneficial to others not as far into their journey.’ And another said, ‘I feel motivated by the fact that it might help other carers feel less alone’.

As with lots of our programs, at the end of the program, some participants were left considering where to from here? Carers Victoria has committed to providing them with editing support for a piece of writing. We will also consider ways to make the following suggestion of a regular writer’s circle a reality.

In the meantime, we encourage regular readers of the Voice to keep an eye out for Carers Stories in future additions and let us know if you might be interested in participating in future Writing with Purpose Programs.


Walking groups

Western Programs Walking and Brunch Groups 

The Support for Carers Program continues to offer carers residing in Melbourne’s western metropolitan area opportunities to catch up with other carers as well as find out about local supports and services.

From the Werribee, Caroline Springs to Melton and Hobsons Bay, the Carer Walking and Brunch Groups are great social opportunities to chat over a light brunch.

For more information on these and other social group activities, visit our What's On - Calendar For Carers.

Heart Foundation Walking Groups: Australia wide 

There's a reason why walking is one of the most popular forms of activity in Australia. Join a Heart Foundation walking group to reduce stress, be more alert, have a healthier body and build strong relationships.



This month there are two surveys for you to participate in. One from Dementia Australia Research Foundation and the other from the Regional Older Adults Mental Health Study.


Developing a new quality of life questionnaire for informal carers of people living with dementia 

Monash University is conducting a research study that aims to develop a new quality of life measure for informal carers of people living with dementia. This study received funding from the Dementia Australia Research Foundation. All carers over the age of 18 who provide regular, unpaid support to a person living with dementia in Australia are invited to complete an online survey to help the research team to identify questions that should be included in the new quality of life questionnaire. The survey will take approximately 15 – 25 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you can provide your email address to enter into a draw with the chance to win one of ten $200 gift cards.

If you would like to request further information, please contact Dr Lidia Engel on 03 9903 8961 or via email, lidia.engel@monash.edu.



Regional Older Adults’ Mental Health (ROAM) Study

Charles Sturt University is currently conducting research in the Hume region as part of a larger research project led by Dr. Dan Wadsworth from the University of the Sunshine Coast, in partnership with Everymind, The Manna Institute. This research aims to understand the unique challenges faced in regional Australia by older people living with mental illness and their carers.

We will be conducting online focus groups and 1:1 interviews (of up-to 1 hour) across Southern NSW and Northern VIC throughout September. Participants will receive $50 for their time.

Participants required

We are seeking participants who are:

  • older adults aged 65 or older who live in regional Australia with experience of poor mental health; and/or
  • their carers.

If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact the research team at roam@csu.edu.au for more details or to arrange an interview.


National Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Bodies

Opportunity for Carers to Express Interest in Participating in Co-Design

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) has been commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care to support this next stage of shaping the National Mental Health Lived Experience Consumer and Carers, Families, and Kin Peak Bodies.

Across this project, they will be working with two separate groups. One group is for Consumers and the other group is for Carers, Families and Kin. The five online sessions for each group will inform a set of Grant Opportunity Guidelines. These will inform a competitive grants process, starting in late 2023, which will establish two national peaks.

The Carers, Families, and Kin Group will work with TACSI team members, Project Advisory Group members, and members of Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care team. We will be building on previous work to date, which is summarised in a public discussion paper.

If your Expression of Interest is successful and you are invited to join the Carers, Families, and Kin Group, you will be involved in five online workshops. In the workshops, we will ask you about:

  • Purpose and representation of this peak body
  • Unique value proposition and viability
  • Operational structure
  • Leadership
  • Governance

If you are not selected to be a part of the Carers, Families, and Kin group, please see "Other opportunities to contribute' below.

About the group

If you are not supported by your organisation, we will remunerate you for your time, energy, and involvement in the project.

As the work to be done is about shaping that peak's role and structure, workshop members will have diverse skills and perspectives to bring to the group. Specifically, the group will also hold experience in setting up organisational structures or working within lived and/or living experience-led organisations. People in the group may have seen what has worked well in other similar settings and what these peaks might want to do differently.

As these workshops only have space for 15 people who identify as mental health carers, families, and kin, we have developed a set of principles that will support forming the group grounded in:

  • Lived/living experience leadership
  • Respect and balance across differences
  • Foregrounding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wisdom
  • Holistic perspectives - future, systemic impact and being human
  • Amplifying healing potential

Other opportunities to contribute

Written Submission - The Department of Health and Aged Care will be seeking written submissions responding to Discussion Papers building on the work already done to date, this will be available on the Department’s Consultation Hub shortly. You can contribute to this process regardless of whether or not you are selected to be on the group.

Additional Voices - As there are only 15 places, we anticipate we might not be able to include everyone we would like in the online group sessions. Because of this, we will also invite several people in addition to the group members, to give feedback on what is coming out of the workshops and provide important information and perspectives that are missing. These conversations will be paid and will be approximately a two-hour commitment. You can elect to be considered for this role within this form.

About this form

Please complete this form to express your interest in joining five online workshops to shape the National Mental Health Lived Experience Carers, Families, and Kin Peak Body. The form includes:

  1. Information about you
  2. Your involvement in this and future work
  3. Agreeing to join the Carers Group

If you would like to talk through any part of this form or would like to complete it verbally, please contact us on the phone numbers or email addresses below.


Carers Support

If there are any carers supporting someone living with ataxia symptoms of neurological conditions who would like to connect with other carers in this situation, please email Susannah susannah.kennedy@carersvictoria.org.au.

We have a carer who has expressed interest in potentially setting up an online carer support group if there is interest.


Participate in a Survey and be in the Running to Win a Coles Voucher

If you’re a carer or an organisation that works with and supports carers, Carers Victoria invites you to participate in a simple survey covering areas of your caring journey.

Participants who are chosen to participate will receive a Coles voucher. There are limited spots available, so you have to be quick!

Please send us an expression of interest at marcomms@carersvictoria.org.au stating your age, where you live, who you are caring for, what type of support they need, type of contact with Carers Victoria, and your contact address.



Carers have expressed that they would like to hear more about job opportunities, and we have heard you. As part of our role to support carers, we have included a Jobs Board which will operate as a convenient and easy-to-use platform for you to explore employment opportunities that are relevant to you and across various geographic locations.


Accor has created a recruitment program called “Work Your Way”, which offers multiple employment opportunities across Victoria that are flexible for carers.